Celebrating Tyrants, Denigrating Heroes

My column on the controversy surrounding Tipu Jayanti in Karnataka was published on Vijayvaani on 9.11.2016

Let me humbly acknowledge and thank Sri Sandeep Balakrishna ji whose book on Tipu (Tipu Sultan: The Tyrant of Mysore) was the primary source of information for writing this column.

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Celebrating Tyrants, Denigrating Heroes

9 November 2016

 The divisive legacy of Tipu Sultan has become the centre of a heated political controversy in Karnataka with the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government trying to impose a new ‘Jayanti’ day to the State’s festival calendar by celebrating Tipu’s birthday on November 10. While a historical debate on the legacy of Tipu Sultan would be welcomed by all sections of our democratic society, the idea of spending public money on celebrating a controversial figure like Tipu Sultan, who is perceived to be a religious bigot and tyrant by many communities in Karnataka, only reveals the ulterior political motives of the Siddaramaiah government.”

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