Response to the scandalous attack on Mata Amritanandamayi Devi by Gail Tredwell

” In response to the scandalous attack on Amma and  her institutions I would like to say the following. First of all the whole world knows the tremendous positive work that Amma has done and does on a daily basis.  Any one can see the positive effect that Amma has  had on society. However , i want to post an alternative view on Gail Tredwell seen here at “‘. 

Here we find  an alternative picture of Gail Tredwell  . On leaving the ashram in 1999 she sent an email in which she says ‘ everyone should keep their  love and faith in Amma. Please check “‘.

  Then in  2006, I know for a fact that she came back for Amma’s darshan in San Ramon. Gail also does not mention in her book her real reasons for leaving- her love affair with an american devotee , nor does she mention the fact that she was staying free at a devotee’s house in hawaii for a year , and the ashram actually  sent her money to help her out- far from having to ”flee in secrecy’ she was a trusted guest of Amma’s devotees and the ashram very well knew where she was and treated her with love and respect.

Now if she had really been abused,  would she have stayed in the ashram for so long?  Would she have written an email saying ‘ Everyone should  keep their Love and Faith in Amma’ on leaving?  If it was true that she was abused, why did she come back for Amma’s darshan in 2006? And the after 13 years she writes a book full of accusations without any evidence.

All these dont add up. It is clear that Gail’s latest book is a fragment of her imagination, an attempt to defame one of the greatest masters on earth today. – probably due to anti hindu groups  to whom Amma’s rising popularity is seen as a threat . 

Amma spends 18- 20 hours daily , meeting each and every one of the thousands who come to Her in what has become Her legendary embrace of Love. Her organization has received international recognition in the vast humanitarian efforts that it has done.  See
Amma  and the work  She has done has earned International acclaim with the UN declaring the MA Math as a consultant NGO for disaster relief.

Amma wipes the tears of thousands daily, and has caused so many homeless to have homes, sick and ill people to have free  medical help, entitre communities to prosper by Her social outreach programmes whether its through women empowerment, or tribal schools, or vocational  skill training , or through relief efforts, rebuilding homes, building homes for homeless,  or through green initiaives or the Amala Bharatham campaign.

Last and not the least , Amma has personally met and counselled 22 million people- hugging them as a mother hugs Her child  and has single handedly started a wave of Love, compassion and service in this misery ridden world. 

Please dont use unverified slander and the contradictory reports of an obviously confused person to through mud on one of India’s greatest children “

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1 Response to Response to the scandalous attack on Mata Amritanandamayi Devi by Gail Tredwell

  1. unity says:

    I am wondering if you are familiar with the old 1984 movie called Passage to India (based on book of same name) It is currently available on you tube. Somehow the young British lady in the movie who is accusing the Indian man of rape brings shades to mind of what Gail Tredwell is doing. In the end of the movie, the lady realizes that it was her own confusion that caused her to believe she was raped. The movie seems worth a look. I do hope that Gail will soon wake up to the delusion that is clearly causing her to attack and attempt to slander one of the greatest souls ever to come out of India’s soil.

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