Exit Polls should be banned in toto

One look at the exit poll projections by TV channels is enough to prove that these exit polls are a part of the post poll manipulations by the self-proclaimed secular forces to manipulate their way to forming any possible government to keep the BJP out of power (‘Politics is the art of possibilities’ – is the most vile statement being mouthed glibly by every politico and journo in the country today). All the exit polls and projections have only one aim in view – influence as many parties as possible to support the UPA or at least abstain from joining the NDA. How much money the Congress & UPA allies must have given to these channels for these favourable projections is anybody’s guess. But when the results come out tomorrow, it will be a huge exercise in quackery for these tv channels to cover up their fraud.

Exit polls are causing pre-poll alliances to disintegrate under pressure from power hungry parties. If you’re a lawyer reading this, please file a PIL in the Supreme Court seeking complete ban on exit polls or else we will soon see MPs selling themselves to different parties like cricketers for IPL matches.

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